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How to prepare and apply for Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand?

October 17, 2018

Prepare for the application

So you have decided you want to apply for the Working Holiday in New Zealand? If you have already checked and you meet the requirements for the visa, you are one step closer to the adventure in New Zealand.

Preparation will differ depending on your origin country: some countries have an application open all year round with unlimited quota, while others have limited spots which are usually filled within minutes of application opening (like it was for us – Lithuanians). However, some steps remain the same no matter what.

  1. Grab your passport and make sure it is valid at least for 15 months, since your intended entry to New Zealand date.
  2. Have a second valid ID – National ID card, Driver License or Birth Certificate.
  3. Have a valid Visa or Mastercard credit card ready with sufficient funds for the processing fee.

In case your country has an unlimited quota, you are lucky as filling in the application will be pretty easy. However, in case you, just like us, come from a country with a very limited quota, sign up for our newsletter and get the special insider tips & tricks for securing your visa for New Zealand!


How to fill in the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa application?

The application form is really easy to fill in, just follow step by step instructions on the website and you’ll be done with it in no time. However, below are our detailed instructions to guide you through the process.


  1. Create an account with Immigration New Zealand.Login or create account wit NZ Immigration

Login - registers for working holiday visaNew user account

  1. After registering and logging in to your account, under Working Holiday Visa press Click here to apply. Select your origin country from the list. The list will show the status of application either Open or Closed for each country. In case application for your country is currently closed, check the date and time when the application opens and come back when it is available. If all good, choose Apply Now to agree with Terms and Conditions and start your application.New Zealand Working Holiday Visa applicationNZ WHV application selection country list


You can check the date and time of opening here by simply typing in your country name and the drop-down for visa suggestion will come up. Select it, press View details & Apply.New Zealand Working Holiday Visa scheme Lithuania

You’ll be taken to page with all the details about this visa, including the date when it opens.


  1. If the visa application is open, start your application. First, fill in the Personal section:
  • Complete Personal details Make sure to fill in all mandatory fields marked by exclamation mark and press Next at the bottom or choose the Identification tab at the top.
  • Complete all details in the Identification section, adding your passport and second ID details and move on to the next tab by pressing Next at the bottom or choosing the tab on the top of the application.
  • Occupation details tab is optional, so if you are from a country with limited visa quota, don’t waste your time and go straight to the Health Otherwise you can include your occupational information.


Note: If you wish to finish later but do not wish to lose the progress, you can press Save at the bottom to save the progress and Complete Later at any time. Though progress usually is saved just by pressing next or on the other tab as well, so no need to waste time on pressing Save each time moving between tabs.  Still, keep in mind, if you come from a country with a limited quota of visas, there is no time to waste and you should complete the application ASAP trying to secure your spot.


  1. Fill in the Health section. Make sure to select correct answers from the drop-downs relating to your health and only after confirming your answers are correct to move on to Character section.


  1. Complete the Character section selecting Yes or No from the drop-downs in relation to your criminal records and past offences against immigration in any country. In a rare occasion, before granting a visa or upon your arrival to New Zealand you may be asked for documentation to prove it. If all answers are correct, move on to WHS Specific.


  1. Answer all the questions specifically related to Working Holiday Visa and your intentions for New Zealand.


  1. Make sure your answers are correct and check the application header to ensure all the sections are completed: there should be check marks next to all the sections, however, if there is any information missing in any of them, you will see a red X mark instead.Working Holiday Visa application form

If needed, get back to the incomplete section and fill in all the mandatory fields and press Save.

Once check marks are next to all of the sections, instead of Save, a button to Submit will appear at the bottom.


  1. After clicking Submit, you’ll be taken to the legal confirmation page, where you will have to read and tick every statement to confirm your agreement. Once completed, press Submit.


  1. If you were successful and managed to fill in the application within the quota, you will be taken to the page for payment, where you’ll have the option to Pay Now or Pay Later. Otherwise, you will be directed to the page stating the quota is already filled.

If applicable, to complete your application, you will have to pay the application processing fee (NZ$208 for most countries, though it may vary, as there is no fee at all for applicants from the USA). Therefore, your spot is not secured until your payment is received.

The amount to be paid will be displayed and in order to proceed, you will have to select Secure Payment Site. You will be asked to provide the payer name, so in case of using someone else’s credit card, make sure to indicate the name on the card instead of yours. On the next page select the card you use between Visa and Mastercard and provide the credit card details to Pay Now.


  1. Congrats! Now you are done with the application part. If no additional details, such as medical examination, chest x-ray and police certificates are required, you should receive your visa within 30 days (period depends from country to country), though usually, it takes way less. However, should such additional details be required based on your application data, you will receive an email with further instructions from an assigned immigration officer within a few days.

Stay tuned for more information on how to complete a medical certificate and chest x-ray part to get your visa!

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How to prepare and apply for Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand

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    That’s very useful! When can we expect a follow-up post? 🙂

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      November 26, 2018

      Today 🙂 Been very busy travelling last few weeks, so haven’t had any time and internet access to write and post. But today will add information on the medical check up.


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